ViewPoint Inspection System

Vision Technology® is a U.S. manufacturer and provider of Optical Inspection Systems for use in PCB Inspection, Quality Control, SMT, Test and Measurement, Bio-medical, Botany, Forensics and other Inspection Applications. Use this product to create a magnified video image that can be viewed individually or in groups with less user fatigue than microscopes. They allow faster image inspection that can even be captured and sent electronically. These systems help you present a Magnified Video Picture for training, education, remote analysis, rework and documentation.

Vision Technology helps businesses and other institutions increase productivity and quality with our easy-to-use, high resolution inspection systems. Applications include Quality Control Inspection, PCB Inspection, SMT, process assurance, training, group viewing, evidence analysis, medical and many more.

The new ViewPoint™ Optical Inspection systems utilize a "Gas Cylinder Lift Arm" so operators can easily adjust the viewing angle and viewing line of site. The ViewPoint frees much needed bench space and can even share a VGA monitor with a desk top computer. A built-in LED Ring Light array provides superior even lighting. A dimmer control on the camera module allows the operator to adjust light intensity.